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Smart Classes

Our product, Smartclass, is supported by a digital content repository with rich-media content for grades K–12 that has been organised to satisfy the national central and state boards’ specific objectives. It also incorporates compiled content from other partners, including Educomp and Bodhaguru, in addition to the rich-media content produced by our R&D team.

By bringing abstract ideas to life, the multimedia content repository ENGAGES students and HELPS them PRACTICE via exercises, sample papers, and interactivities/simulations. The use of tools like topic summaries and concept maps can help students reinforce what they have learned. Students’ understanding of the subjects taught can be evaluated by teachers using both objective and subjective assessments. The themes can also be EXPLORED in greater depth by gifted students using resources like weblinks, practical applications, and assessment for learning.

Schools can adopt digital content by installing an ITBS, a CPU, a projection system, a finger-touch interactive board connected with a green board, and a strong cabinet. A variety of functions are available on the interactive white board, including text tools, document management tools, and drawing tools. With the use of these technologies, teachers may manage their lesson plans and notes easily while also effectively explaining concepts.

A server is installed inside the school and filled with digital learning and evaluation resources that are aligned with the course content. ITBS is installed, and classrooms are wired to the server. Teachers regularly access digital content in their classrooms, project it on the board during class, and use animations, graphics, video, and other multimedia to clarify concepts. You may use this with Linux and Windows.


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