Loan management software

” Enhance all your procedures to manage multiple stages of a loan cycle “

Loan Origination & Decisioning system

Automate your loan application process through a variety of channels so that you can make judgments about whether to approve or reject a loan right away.

Loan Management System

After granting a loan, improve all of your processes to handle the various stages of the loan cycle, which will boost output, reduce overhead, and speed up operations.

Debt Collection System

Reduce risk when collecting loans and recovering debt by locating non-performing assets or defaulters, reminding customers to make EMI payments, monitoring the on-the-ground collections team, and submitting timely reports.

Lending Analytics & Reporting System

Instantly produce reliable data-driven reports to gain insights into your company’s key performing and underperforming areas.

Software Capability

Software that is extremely adaptable and expandable enables the lender to quickly evaluate huge volumes of data and modify to their needs. For effective real-time decision-making for credit monitoring, the system incorporates conventional and unconventional data sources.

The loan management software has the capacity to examine and compile conclusions from Bank Account Statements, Stock Account Statements, GST Data, ITR Data, Financial Statements, and other Public Domain Websites (such as Legal, Credit Ratings, LEI, BIFR, Company Databases, etc.) through a system-based process for various periods and magnitudes of data.

Human Capability

A highly qualified team of financial analysts (CAs or MBAs with extensive industry experience) and a senior team of industry domain experts will examine complex data points and present a thorough report for in-depth credit monitoring.

A combination of senior analysts, former bankers, and industry experts offer in-depth sector expertise and, as a result, have the knowledge that can be applied to comprehend the complexities of monitoring large accounts.

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