SaaS Solutions

” Software as a service “

A cloud provider hosts applications and makes them online accessible to customers as part of the software as a service (SaaS) distribution paradigm. In this paradigm, a third-party cloud provider may be hired by an independent software vendor (ISV) to host the application. Or, with bigger businesses like Microsoft, the software seller may also double as the cloud provider.

Car Rental and Vehicle Tracking

A complete platform for managing operations and a fleet is provided by Zirac India. Fleet Operators may concentrate on expanding and maintaining their core business without having to worry about technology. The Driver App, Customer App, Mobile Site, Website, Admin Panel, and Dashboard are all pre-built by Zirac India.

Field Force Tracking

Field force tracking aims to improve field operations rather than just pinpointing your personnel’ locations. Employees on the field can keep track of information from meetings and everyday tasks, such as client names, locations, preferences, and requirements. You may develop dynamic forms based on your requirements, give tasks to your staff in real-time, and monitor their completion of those tasks. It provides you with a real-time update on all activities at all times and in all places. You can evaluate the efforts put out as well, including the number of meetings attended, the journey time and distance, the success rate, etc.

Education Institutions - Tracking Teachers, Buses, and Students

A smart eco system including a driver application, parent application, and admin panel has been developed by Zirac India. This system’s monitoring of driver behaviour and driving patterns, such as excessive speeding, harsh braking, sharp corners, route deviation, and point-to-point status updates, would enable management to properly organize the fleet and maintain safety. In addition, parents may track the bus’s real-time whereabouts and receive notifications moments before it arrives at the bus stop.

Transport Logistics

One of the biggest issues in the logistics industry is to maintain fleet optimization without sacrificing any committed deadlines. This issue has been resolved by Zirac India by creating the fantastic platform known as Zirac India. With the ability to manage all of your transportation needs, Zirac India can quickly and efficiently optimise your fleet. Real-time information on your fleet, shipments, delivery status, engaged workers, travelled route, etc., is simple to access and publish.

Parental Control for outstation students

The safety of children has recently become a top priority for all parents, especially when they let their kids go on a solo outing. Zirac India has released a cutting-edge application called “Tracki” with the help of which you may always be aware of each step your child takes when exploring a new place. You can establish your own community and engage in a variety of shared activities, task distribution, and other group activities.

Security Companies for tracking guards

A precise technology is your only choice if you want to keep an eye on a large group of people at once, especially if you work in the security industry and need to assure your clients that every angle is under control at all times. The best example of such cutting-edge technology is Zirac India, which gives you the ability to act as a third eye and track every security guard stationed on the ground while also auditing their movements and locations to help you make the best choice possible at the appropriate moment.

Pharmaceutical Companies tracking their Medical Representatives

Many executives in the pharmaceutical industry go from market to market. The Zirac India platform optimises everyday travel and keeps track of the duration and distance of each person’s meetings and travel. You can delegate different duties, guarantee visits, and keep track of performances. To verify worker requests for Travel Allowances, HR can always tailor reports.

Courier Delivery Companies

You would always want to automate as many tasks as you could while managing operations in courier service companies. You can assign a Hub and shift timing to each of your delivery agents using Zirac India. System will track distance travelled, courier delivered, time spent closing run sheet, time spent in hub, time spent out for delivery, and so on. Surprisingly, the delivery agent doesn’t need to manually enter any of this information.

Food Delivery Companies and restaurants supporting delivery

Nobody enjoys waiting for their food to arrive after the scheduled time. Every time you accept an order from Zirac India, we assist you in keeping your word. The shortest route, projected time, route optimization, and real-time alerts are all things we assist your delivery boy with. Additionally, you can see how many delivery boys are working and how well they are doing. Additionally, you can let your client know where your delivery person is.

Government Institutions

We assist governmental organisations with auditing, data collection, information uploading, and record-keeping. We reduce tedious paper work and speed up the entire process “n” times while maintaining transparency. With the goal of creating a “Digital India,” we provide the government with cutting-edge technology.

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